My Dragon Age 4 Wishlist

Of all the amazing next gen games that we’ve gotten glimpses of this year, none have me more excited than the next Dragon Age title. BioWare’s been tight-lipped about the game’s promise, but a couple weeks ago, at Gamescom 2020, they finally opened up, just a little, about what may be in store in the series next installment. While this new behind the scenes teaser was more than the scant DA4 imagery they’ve released before, it was less informative than I had hoped it would be. Still, with the general theme of Hey! We ARE working on this game!, it showcased some of the BioWare team discussing their work set against various concept art backdrops. We also got a line from Solas’s voice actor, as well as those from a couple new characters named Bellara and Davrin, and a scene of motion capture. If you’ve not seen the video, check it out here:

Video from YouTube user IGN

Granted, the tidbits revealed were small, but they were enough for me to garner within the hope that the next Dragon Age game will be something special. Not that BioWare ireading, or anything, but I’m going to take that hope and funnel it into the following wishlist of things I would simply love to see (or not see, as the case may be) in this new Dragon Age adventure.

Paying a visit to Thedas’s northern regions

With no rifts in sight…hopefully.

It’s old speculation that Dragon Age 4 might take place somewhere in the northern part of Thedas, like the Tevinter Imperium – places that have been mentioned in other games but that players have not yet been able to explore. Based on the concept art shown during the behind the scenes video, it seems quite possible that this will be the case. Even more possible that we’ll get to visit the entirety of North Thedas, from the Anderfels to the east to Rivain and Par Vollen, the Qunari homeland, to the west. *fingers crossed*

Less open-world bloat, more meaningful missions

Adding a dragon would be okay, but not ten of them.

In other words, please BioWare, don’t remake Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s beautiful but boring open world. Please fill this world with more interesting people to talk to, missions (side, main, and secondary) that have meaningful outcomes, and fewer collectibles. I mean, some collectibles are okay, but by golly, if I see the word “shard” anywhere, I just might cry.

Revisiting old friends

More Dorian, always!

In the behind the scenes video, the team stressed that DA4 would offer up new places, new people, and new enemies. This is all well and good, and sure, you can say that Solas is back, because, of course (and surely, Morrigan and Flemeth will return, as well), but it would be super cool to sit back and chat with the likes of Isabella, Fenris, Ohgren, and others from the fabled past. I’m not saying they need to be on my team, but…if that could be a thing…hmmm…..

Point: if Varric’s back again, I’m totally onboard, regardless of anything shard-like.

Bring back the Dwarves!

Varric agrees.

Speaking of Varric, fans know that DA:I was severely lacking in characters of the Dwarven race. That’s only semi-understandable given the context of the events of the game, but it’s no excuse. I loved playing through the Dwarven backstories in Dragon Age: Origins and never achieved the same level of immersion playing a dwarf in DA:I. So, I say, bring back the Dwarves!

Give me a map, and maybe a game manual, too

Of all the days to leave my compass at home…

Okay, so I know this will never happen, but if I were to purchase a physical copy of this game, a physical copy that just so happened to come with paper map, as well as a game manual that contained character information and lore, it would become one of my most treasured possessions. Yes, the Internet is wonderfully chock-full of such things that don’t waste paper, but why not give players a paper map, at the very least? Given how large the world of DA4 may very well be, having such a reference would be an invaluable tool.

That’s my Dragon Age 4 wishlist, what’s yours?

All Dragon Age: Inquisition images, including lede (© BioWare, Electronic Arts) were taken by author during PS4 gameplay.

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