Minecraft Adds PSVR Support

For one reason or another, VR is still not really a mainstream thing. Some of these reasons will be solved, and some won’t. This means that the technology will likely remain a niche thing for a long while yet. That said there are still plenty of strong arguments for giving it a try, and now PSVR users have another one in the form of Minecraft support.

Once VR support arrives via an update later this month, PS4-based Minecraft fans will be able to fully immerse themselves in their blocky creations. There won’t be any major changes coming to the PS4 version of Minecraft aside from this. It’s the same excellent creation game that’s available on all the other platforms save for PC (since PC has all kinds of special versions thanks to private servers and the like).

According to the announcement, players will have a high-degree of control over their VR settings. Hopefully this means players will be able to personalize their settings to avoid things like motion sickness. Also, players can still use their PS4 controller to play, so no need to worry about having those PSVR wand controllers. Altogether, it’s not a huge change, but more chances to use VR can only be a good thing for those who believe in the technology and want to see it develop further.

What do you think of PSVR? What about the idea of playing Minecraft in VR?

Image from PS Store page

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