The Duck’s Favorite Moments with Virtual Bastion

In my last two posts, the Duck talked a bit about Virtual Bastion’s early days and a few notable firsts in celebration of our five-year anniversary.  When you’re lucky enough to spend half a decade working on a blog and Youtube channel dedicated to your favorite hobby, there are bound to be a lot of fond memories.  So for today’s post, we shall be covering a few of the Duck’s favorite moments.

Favorite Videos: One of my favorite hobbies is recording gameplay for our Youtube channel.  But sometimes, the most fun comes about when I try my hand at something a bit different.  Some of my favorite bonus videos have been the handful of musical videos I have created.  The video I think I’m the most proud of is the one I created for the Song of Healing from Majora’s Mask.  Unlike previous musical videos, this one includes footage from the game rather than a still image.  I’d like to think I put together a fairly interesting story to go along with the music….

Favorite Themes: Of course, our main focus is not on videos, but on writing, and some of my favorite blogging memories involve the special themes we sometimes write about.  My favorite theme is usually of the spooky variety, with two highlights consisting of the Spooky Silly Poetry Contest and Zelda-Ween, a month where we focused on all things creepy in The Legend of Zelda series, including something you wouldn’t expect to be scary….

Favorite Game to Share: Easily one of the biggest games we have gotten to cover was The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild released back in 2017.  Now that was definitely an exciting time here at Virtual Bastion.  Not only did I get to discuss some of my thoughts and predictions concerning the game’s trailer, but I also got to share my experiences once the game was released.  It was a whole lot of fun discussing this amazing game with all of our wonderful readers!

Favorite Listmas List: Every December, we here at Virtual Bastion enjoy celebrating Listmas, a little blogging event where we…list things.  The lists can be about pretty much anything, so the possibilities are endless.  I think one of my favorite Listmas posts is the one I wrote about the sidekicks of gaming.  Now that is one group that we certainly cannot forget.  Sometimes, the sidekicks are even more interesting than the main characters!

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