New Details Revealed for Zelda Wii U

I am not typically one to follow news of any kind, video game news included.  From time to time, however, a tidbit of knowledge catches my eye, more often than not relating to the select series I hold nearest to my heart.  One of those is The Legend of Zelda.  Games from this series are released more and more infrequently these days, and so it is all the more exciting that a new installment is being developed for the Wii U (and the NX, whatever that is…).  This news we have known for a while now, but aside from some screenshots of a truly impressive looking, open world, I don’t think any of us knew all that much concerning the newest game of a much loved franchise.

While looking up the game’s release date, I managed to find out a few new things about the Wii U’s first true Zelda title.  First of all, the title has been revealed to be Breath of the Wild, which I personally find to be a rather curious choice.  At this time, I also saw a new image showing Link…climbing a mountain?  Further research, and I discovered that this game is to have a very large, open world to explore, far larger than that of Twilight Princess.  We would also have more freedom to complete the game as we saw fit, as dungeons can apparently be completed in any order.  This particular detail is something I had been hearing about for some time, how they have been meaning to change the formula for the series to allow for more freedom.  I suppose now they have decided to put it into practice.  (This is also supposed to be the first Zelda game to feature voice acting.  I can’t say I’m happy about that, but perhaps it will turn out to be a good thing in the end.)

This news has left me both excited and a bit hesitant.  On one hand, I love having the ability to explore a large world.  While most people seemed to have plenty of issues with Skyward Sword, I generally enjoyed it, except for one major flaw.  There was no room to explore because each part of the main world was disconnected from the rest.  Wind Waker had a large, open world, but the islands seemed far too barren and uninteresting.  The game was plain, open ocean more than anything else.  Twilight Princess, too, was massive, but there was often not much reason to explore every corner of the game’s huge world because I felt like I was rarely rewarded for it.  I think it was the N64 games and A Link to the Past that rewarded players most for exploring their environment.  So this is one thing I’m very excited about.

On the other hand, I’m not quite as thrilled about their desire to change the formula of how Zelda games are played.  As much as the idea of getting to play through the dungeons in any desired order is interesting, I always have my doubts when a beloved series is changed.  I generally like the Zelda series as it is, and if something’s not broken, don’t fix it, so to speak.  Furthermore, I read that this game is supposed to be more like the very first game on the NES.  I played that particular game for about an hour or two before giving up because I was given too little direction.  It took me long enough just to find a single dungeon, and after that, I didn’t really feel like putting effort into locating more.

But, we’ll see.  I’m still more excited than anything, so it’ll be interesting to see what this new game will be like.  The name alone and the promise of a large world to explore gives me a very distinct feeling about the game that I’m curious to learn the accuracy of.  Breath of the Wild, a huge, open world, and a mountain climbing Link.  I think of isolated wilderness.  I think of survival.  I think of…bears and wolves?  The brief summary I found as to the game’s plot says that Hyrule has since been brought to ruin by Ganon a hundred years ago.  In addition, I read that one item you can obtain is food, which can be eaten or cooked to restore health.  All of this leads me to believe that perhaps my notions of the game’s general theme are not too far off.

Furthering my ideas of the game, Hatm0nster also just informed me of the game’s trailer, which shows some rather stunning environments and better illustrates some of the ideas I had mentioned earlier.  Here it is below for your viewing pleasure.

Video from Youtube User: Nintendo Italia

What about you guys?  What are your thoughts on the upcoming Zelda game?  And what does the rather unconventional title make you think about?  Please let me know in the comments.

Breath of the Duck; It’s Minty

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  1. I’ve just written a post on this problem, I too am worried about Breath of the Wild being empty and sparse. They’ve said it’s going to be around 12 times larger than TP, but if it’s just as barren then what’s the point in that scale? Hopefully that’s not the case when the game releases.

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      My thoughts exactly. I’d rather a smaller world with things to do than a huge one with nothing going on. I hope this new, huge world will give us lots of secrets to find. If so, it could be pretty cool. If not, it will be rather disappointing.

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      1. ~effs~ says:

        I’m tempted to get this on the NX, but I have the same concerns that it might be an empty world.


      2. duckofindeed says:

        I think I’ll be getting this no matter what (on the Wii U), since I’m a big Zelda fan. I just hope I won’t be disappointed. I just can’t pass up any console Zelda game.

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      3. ~effs~ says:

        Yeah it’s more than likely that I’ll be getting this anyway xD


  2. Hatm0nster says:

    This might actually be something more akin to a return to form than an abandonment of formula. They tested this “dungeons in any order” idea in “A link between worlds”, and it actually worked quite well. As a return to form, this game is sounding like it’s set up in a manner similar to the very first Zelda on the NES. The whole thing in that game was being dropped into a world and getting to work exploring. No directions or anything. I doubt that they’ll go quite that far though.

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    1. I’m a bit concerned by how open world this might turn out to be – but to your point, there has been a “dungeons in any order” style before. And the original Zelda was very open in design.

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      1. duckofindeed says:

        As long as they don’t make the world too empty, it could be pretty cool having a large world to explore. At the very least, having the freedom to explore the dungeons in any order could be interesting.

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    2. duckofindeed says:

      You have a good point; I guess you can say, if anything, previous Zelda games abandoned the original formula. I must say, it will be interesting playing a game similar to the original Zelda game, but a more modern take, in a way. Like I mentioned in my post, I couldn’t get into the first Zelda game. Retro games are vague enough as it is without having maximum freedom to explore a world I know nothing about. But like you said, I’m sure we’ll get more direction in this game than the original, and then all that freedom might end up being a lot of fun.

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      1. Hatm0nster says:

        Here’s hoping. I’ve never played the original zelda in any meaningful way either for that reason too.


  3. Matt says:

    I am loving the changes. It is something the franchise certainly needed.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about lack of direction, because I am sure the game will pack more info than the original Zelda. And as for concerns about the emptiness of the world, I think Nintendo will address that. For starters, they have mentioned the game will have around 100 mini-dungeons scattered around the world.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Wow, 100 mini-dungeons? That’s quite a lot. Hopefully that means we will have an interesting world to explore. I only like exploring if I actually get something out of it. I must be rewarded.

      I always get nervous when a favorite series of mine changes, but if the change is for the better, then that could be a very good thing.

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