Fracter is Coming to PC Soon

PC gamers are finally going to be able to get their hands on another intriguing indie puzzle game soon in the form of the Steam release of Fracter. This is game that’s already enjoying both critical and commercial success on the iOS and Android platforms, so it’s likely to fit quite well into the collections…

“Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights” May Foreshadow Dragon Age 4’s Setting

Talk about a paper-bound tease! A newly-announced collection of Dragon Age short stories subtitled “Tevinter Nights” is setting DA fan’s radars ablaze (mine included) with the hopes that it might provide a big clue as to where things may be headed the next Dragon Age game. That “where” is the mysterious Tevinter Imperium.

New Hero ‘Sigma’ Coming to Overwatch

Overwatch will be gaining another cast member soon, but this one is going to be a little different from the rest. Like the others, Sigma has his own suite of unique abilities. Unlike just about every other character though, he’s suffering from a…split of sorts.

A New Take on Turok

Flying under the indie radar, there’s a new Turok game in the wings. It’s called Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, and it is…well, what is it? Its description reads thusly: Turok: Escape from Lost Valley is a third-person action/adventure game where the player is Turok, trying to find a way back home. The player explores…

Ann Gets Her Own Persona 5: The Royal Trailer

Ann Takamaki has been a favorite of many Person 5 players since even before the game’s original release. Part of that is undoubtedly due to her character design, but there’s also something to be said for the character’s personality too. Ann is portrayed as a very upbeat sort of person who spends much more time…

Remedy Finally Recovers Full Rights to ‘Alan Wake’

At long last, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for fans of horror series Alan Wake. The first game release to both critical and commercial acclaim in 2010, and it was almost immediately followed up by pseudo-sequel Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in 2011. After that though, absolutely nothing. One would think that…

Close to the Sun Looks a Lot Like BioShock, and I’m Psyched

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything even remotely close to a new BioShock. It’s not too surprising of course; Kevin Levine did close his studio (Irrational Games) after completing work on BioShock Infinite, but it’s still kind of odd since 2K still owns the rights to the series. Whatever the case, we’re in…

Cities: Skylines Industries Comes to Consoles

Most PC gamers likely know about Cities: Skylines by now. The popular city building and management game has been available on PC for four years now, and it has even gotten a full expansion by now. Meanwhile, console gamers have had to content themselves with simply looking at the incredible creations of their PC peers….

Banjo and Kazooie Are Coming to Smash!

It’s happening, folks. Once again, a recent trailer has blown my mind…and the minds of pretty much every other gamer in existence. Banjo and Kazooie are coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as DLC fighters!