Octopath Traveler Introduces Final Two Characters, Reveals Features

Fans of the classic Final Fantasy games may have something to forward to this July.  See, Square-Enix is releasing a new JRPG on the Switch that both calls back to the classic 2D JRPGs and advances the genre in significant, but somewhat subtle ways. This game is known as Octopath Traveler, an RPG that puts players in command of eight strangers on their own, individual journeys. Each character has their own set of specific talents both on and off the battlefield, and each can be used to resolve problems, obstacles and conflicts in their own way.

Say a key is needed to open the entrance to a castle. The party theif could try to steal it; the scholar could find out what they need and negotiate for it; the cleric could find someone to talk to them for you; or the beast master could just sic a monster on them and intimidate them into giving you the key. The options appear to be quite varied; much more so than Octopath Traveler’s ancestors.

The last party member trailer for the game released yesterday and introduced the final two possible party members: Cyrus the Scholar and Ophilia the Cleric. Check it out to get an idea of what Octopath Traveler has to offer.


(video from YouTube channel: Nintendo)

This might just be a must-have for any JRPG fan. Hopefully it can deliver the kind of high-caliber experience its are trailers hinting at.

What’s your take on this?


  1. ogreatgames says:

    This is something I must have. Im a fan Square-Enix Final Fantasy series ever since I started playing Final Fantasy VII & VIII.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      It’s great to see them trying something new in the format that started it all, isn’t it?


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