Games We Discussed in 2013

This month we’re celebrating Virtual Bastion’s 5-year anniversary by sharing our favorite memories of the site, blogging, gaming, and our online friendships. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane!

Although Hatm0nster, The Duck, and I formed “United We Game” with a singular goal in mind — to help small game bloggers reach a wider audiences — our primary focus was (and will always be) on video games. We’ve each incorporated games and gaming into our lives in different ways, and as part of establishing not only UWG’s identity but also our own individual personas, many of our early posts consisted of personal anecdotes about the games we had played, the games we had loved, and sometimes, the games we didn’t like. These articles didn’t necessarily spotlight the games we were actually playing in 2013 or releases from the year. Sure, we each had our own 2013 favorites — The Duck enjoyed Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends; I was enamored with Grand Theft Auto V; and Hatm0nster took a liking to Bioshock Infinite, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and the all-new Tomb Raider — and such games certainly informed some of our later output on the site. When starting out however, since we wanted to keep the community at-large in mind, we couldn’t necessarily discuss together gaming’s “flavor of the week,” because not everyone had played the latest releases. But with the way blogging works, it was inevitable that windows into our own gaming pasts would be opened. With the success of these articles, we invited our contributors to share similar insights into their own personal gaming histories and preferences. And boy, did we ever end up with some fun and fantastic stories! Let’s travel back and revisit the games we discussed in 2013. 

Hatm0nster kicked off the games-discussion trend nearly from the start with his examination of the “City Escape” level from Sonic Adventure 2. 

From there, we cascaded head first into discussions involving favorite games of all sorts

We had loads of fun reviewing some of our least favorite games for “Review a Bad Game” day!

Later in the year, Hatm0nster brought us lots of awesome game news from PAX Prime.

We took a stab at looking at making game recommendations with a brief series titled “Should You Get.”

And, finally, 2013 also saw the birth of one of our longest running series,” Resonance,” focusing on game music.

Now it’s your turn! What were some of you favorite games from 2013?

Lede image by Flickr user Nate Allen (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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  2. ogreatgames says:

    Great post. There are tons of awesome games released since 2013 but my most fave would be on PS 3 God of War: Ascension and the Last of us.

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    1. cary says:

      Nice! I r-e-a-l-l-y- have to finish The Last of Us someday. And someday, some way, I will!


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    Continuing our look back in celebration of Virtual Bastion’s 5th birthday, I dug into our annals (shut up, you) to unearth a handful of our game-specific articles from way back in 2013. Aaaah, ’twas a good year for gaming. it was.


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