Five Years with Virtual Bastion: A Duck’s Perspective

Wow, it’s hard to believe, but Virtual Bastion is now five years old!  To celebrate our five-year anniversary, the three of us are going to reminisce and share some of our fondest memories of our time working together.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this trip down our respective memory lanes, won’t you?

I remember it like it was five years ago…meaning my memories have since grown a bit fuzzy.  Fortunately, being bloggers means we have a lot of things in writing, so a little bit of digging into the past helped the Duck to recall Virtual Bastion’s (or United We Game’s) humble beginnings.  It all started when I visited Hatm0nster’s old blog, My Two Caps, one of several gaming blogs I enjoyed visiting from time to time.  He was requesting fellow gamers/bloggers to work with him on a little project to increase traffic to our blogs.  Deciding it couldn’t hurt to see what he had in mind, I contacted him, expressing my interest in teaming up.

In response, Hatm0nster told me about two other people who wished to join the team, one blogger who ultimately left us early on and a mystery blogger whose identity had yet to be revealed.  I was quite pleased when I learned that the other blogger to be joining us was none other than Cary from Recollections of Play, a blogger whose work I had also been following and enjoyed greatly.

Well, right at the very beginning, I don’t believe we planned on writing for a single blog.  Rather, we were going to come up with topics we could all write about on our own blogs, linking to our fellow bloggers in the process for added exposure.  Our very first (and only, as far as I remember) post written in this fashion was about which Mario character we would most like to be friends with.  Cary and I chose Peach, Hatm0nster chose Mario, and our short-lived fourth blogger decided not to join in the fun.  Ah, and we so needed someone to pick poor Luigi.

While I believe more posts like this were planned, it was very early on that we decided to start a single gaming blog that we could all work on.  We started to think up all kinds of names and taglines (the only alternative tagline I remember was, “We’d rather be gaming, so we are”) and eventually came up with United We Game (the tagline for which has currently been forgotten by the Duck).  Our initial idea, besides the focus on video games, of course, was to share the work of other bloggers to help them increase exposure to their own blogs.  While we did, at one time, have a good number of people work with us, that idea has since become far less prominent, as we realized that we ourselves need a larger presence before we can do much good for our fellow bloggers.

Since then, United We Game has grown and changed quite a lot.  We started a Youtube channel a few years back, our blog’s appearance has been revised multiple times, and yes, we finally changed our name to Virtual Bastion when we realized just how common our name was online.  And in all that time, I have had a great deal of fun working with my fellow admins, Hatm0nster and Cary, to create the best gaming blog (and Youtube channel) that we can.  Looking back, it’s hard to imagine what life would have been like had I not chosen to respond to Hatm0nster’s request.

This month, we may be looking back, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t also looking to the future for new ways to grow and improve.  We look forward to another five years, and we appreciate all of you, our dear readers, who have helped us become what we are today.  Because a blog is nothing without its readers, nor a Youtube channel without its viewers.  Thanks for reading and watching and subscribing and engaging us with thoughtful and kind comments.  And thank you, Cary and Hatm0nster, for being two of the best bloggers the Duck could have ever worked alongside.  Let’s start working towards that ten-year anniversary!