So Here We Are, Five Years Later

It’s amazing how the passage of years can feel depending on how you look at it. In one sense, five years can feel like almost nothing. While I can’t say that it feels like only yesterday that Cary, The Duck of Indeed and I were getting this idea off the ground, I can say that it doesn’t feel like we’ve been doing this for very long. At the same time, those same five years can feel like a lifetime. I had just left college when we first started and was trying to make my way in my first job. Our name was different as was our goal. United We Game (as it was originally called) was a project Cary, the Duck of Indeed and I launched in an effort to build a blogging community; a sort of hub site that would act a means to get more eyes on the work of many talented bloggers. We chased that goal fervently for quite a long time, but reality eventually set in: we were too small to help in the way we wanted. Between that and the demands of real life, our fledgling community of writers shrunk until it was just us and one other (shout out to GamerCrash! Thanks for sticking with us over all these years!). It didn’t last long, but the early days of United We Game were a blast and I’m so grateful to everyone who participated in our experiment! (Seriously, thank you!)

We’re still here though, so obviously the site didn’t go anywhere; nor did the original vision die; it was just postponed. As mentioned in Cary’s and The Duck of Indeed’s posts on this subject, we realized that we needed to grow ourselves before we could be of much help to others, so we set out to do just that. We got organized, developed a voice, a brand, and even took a deep dive in to the depths of YouTube (thanks to the tireless efforts of Cary and the Duck of Indeed). It’s been a challenge trying to figure everything out, but I can say with confidence that it’s always been fun.

So here we are, five years later. A great many things have happened over the years and circumstances have changed for all of us, but we’re still here. Our name has changed to reflect our new voice and brand, but we’re still serving up what we always have: a (mostly) positive look at the world of gaming and a focus on our common experiences. Virtual Bastion (then United We Game) was important to us in the beginning because of its potential, but now that it’s been five years and its still here, I think that it means it’s become important for what it has become: our place to talk about games with other passionate people!

It’s been a privilege working on this site and I couldn’t have asked for better partners to work on it with! (Duck and Cary, you guys are the best! Thanks for everything!) Here’s to another five years of awesome (and ever-improving) discussions on gaming and the gamer lifestyle!

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