Image from Flickr User: Pierre Stachurska
Image from Flickr User: Pierre Stachurska

Below, I present to you all the Duck’s contribution to our collection of delightfully spooky poems in anticipation of Halloween. This is a Slender Man poem I published not too long ago on and which I think would be quite fitting for this month’s festivities.  Without further ado: Trees.  By the Duck.

Have you ever listened to the silence, dear child,

When even the trees are asleep?

For even the woods keep secrets, my dear,

But only where it’s darkest, coldest, and deep.

Stories have been told that are centuries old

Of a man that looks like the trees,

A man with no face, no eyes or a mouth,

At least, if the stories are believed.

He’s the cause of bad dreams in all living things,

And he goes by many a name,

And though the woods keep him hidden away,

The fear is still there just the same.

Now no one believes in the man of the trees,

When man’s faith is in science and fact.

They don’t believe in what they can’t see,

But those that have just never came back.

Yet I have seen him, with my own eyes;

He stands out my window in black suit and tie.

I don’t know for certain from where he comes,

But what I know least is the why.

He draws ever nearer

With each passing night.

He sticks to the shadows;

He stifles the light.

And what he might do, I haven’t a clue,

But I know it’s my name that he calls.

I may regret going, and I may regret not,

And merely not knowing is the worst thing of all.

I simply can’t take it.

I want this to end.

I don’t think anyone

Ever saw me again.

The Duck’s a Poet and Knows it


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    That was quite chilling Duck, especially that shift in tense at the end. That made it. What type of poem was that?


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was rather proud of it. I’m not sure what kind of poem it is, though.


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