Am I Awake?

Image by Flickr User:  Ludovico Sinz [Cane Rosso (busy!)] (cc)

In the spirit of our ongoing Spooky-Silly Contest this month, in place of my usual sort of posts will be spooky-silly poems of my own! First up is a poem inspired by a series that was tragically ended before it’s time, entitled: “Am I Awake?“.

– – –

A ramshackle cabin in a seething lake,

Wooden roof rotting away,

Why is it familiar?

The oily black of unending darkness

The void feels so cold.

Is there a way out?

Words all around, awaiting their form,

I reach out and they take shape.

A tidy apartment engulfed in a storm

Candles casting a dim glow,

I’ve seen this place before.

Sable coffee boiling on the stove

The pungent perfume escapes its vessel

Am I awake?

A neon clown upon a shimmering unicycle.

He just rode past the window.

Yup, definitely awake.

– – –

If you know the game please say so in the comments; I’d really like to know if it was obvious or not! If you would like to see more Spooky-Silliness, why not have a look at “The Ocean House Hotel” the first entry in our little contest?


  1. duckofindeed says:

    No, I don’t know the game you had in mind (I don’t play a lot of spooky stuff, save for Slender Man, which was quite enough terror for one lifetime, thank you very much). Ahem, but I enjoyed your poem, nonetheless. It was very descriptive, and I could see it all very well in my head. That neon clown at the end was quite a shock. Shivers… (By the way, the title and the first line rhymed….)

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Didn’t realize they rhymed. Neat! Also, the game was Alan Wake. Definitely a must-play if you haven’t done so already!


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