Spooky Contest Winner

Image captured by Hatmonster Well the time has come to announce the winner our little Spooky-Scary Poetry Contest. We had several excellent entries submitted but there couold only be one Spooky Champion of Silly Prose, and that would be: C.T. Murphy, who authored Ocean House Hotel! Here it is again for your reading pleasure:

Torment in Perpetuity

Image Captured By Hatmonster Well Halloween is over with our Spooky Poetry Contest. It was fun while it lasted but, alas all good things must come to and end. Still, it’s still Halloween weekend, so how about one more spooky poem inspired by one of the year’s biggest surprises?

Spooky-Silly Contest: This Is The End

Image Captured By Hatmonster Happy Halloween all! Well this it, the final day of our spooky game poetry contest! We’very gotten some great submissions so far this month, and we’re finishing it all off with one more!

The First Seventeen Minutes of DOOM 3

I played DOOM. I played DOOM II. Both games were simply tremendous. I’ve repeatedly tried to play DOOM 3 since getting an Xbox copy of the game years ago, but…I…can’t. Oh believe me, I’ve tried repeatedly, but I have a really hard time getting past the game’s first stage because it’s just too much. Too…

Zelda Limericks

And now, I continue poetry on the topic of my obvious terror of “Zelda” characters with various limericks. Along with a game. Drum roll please. Let’s play…Guess the Monster! Guess which creatures my limericks are describing! And don’t look at the tags, you cheaters!

A BitterSweet Song

Image by Flickr user: Elsie esq. (cc) Spooky-Silly Poetry Month continues! It’s close to being finished, but we’re not there’s yet! There’s still a few more days until Halloween concludes this little poetic exercise we’ve been running. In honor of the event, here’s another poetic offering instead of the usual fare. It’s not spooky-silly, but rather…

No Turning Back Now

Gone Home isn’t exactly a BOO! SCARY game, but for me it was unsettling enough to unlock a host of personal unpleasantries. Sometime the worst fears are the ones were harbor rather than the ones we face. With that in mind, here’s my third addition to UWG’s spooky silly celebration (we’re collecting contest entries through…

Lament of the ReDead

A series of four ReDead haiku. Enjoy.  If you dare…  Uwa-ha-hack cough! Haiku #1 Wrinkled old zombies They are really just Gibdos Without the clothes on Haiku #2 They may be dead, but They know how to boogie when They’re not eating you Haiku #3 Eyes rotted away Mouth never closed; quit screaming You’ll wake…

That Fell Tome of Unending Shadow

Image by Flickr user: NCSPhotography (cc) October marches on and so does our Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest! I still may not be able to enter myself, playing the role of a poet-gamer has just been too enjoyable to stop just yet! With that in mind I’m psyched to present another work penned in honor of our…

Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest: Week 3!

Image captured by Hatmonster Our little contest is now firmly underway with three weeks to its name thus far! Just two more to go and then it will finally be time for us all to cast our votes and decide who shall be crowned the Spooky Champion of Silly Poetry! This week’s entry comes from…