That Fell Tome of Unending Shadow

Image by Flickr user: NCSPhotography (cc)

October marches on and so does our Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest! I still may not be able to enter myself, playing the role of a poet-gamer has just been too enjoyable to stop just yet! With that in mind I’m psyched to present another work penned in honor of our little contest: That Fell Tome of Unending Shadow. Inspired by another game I’m looking forward to one day finishing: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem!

Roivas Manor once a comforting dwelling, now drowned within a shadow most telling

A sane space turned on its head, a safe place now filled with dread

A fell tome of shadow is to blame, plaguing my family, calling my name

Its purpose unclear but its effect not, all that’ve met it were left to rot

A tool of evil or a boon for good, can it even be defined as we think it should?


Its visage sinister with a binding most ghastly, a grasp of its origins escaped me quite vastly

But opened it was and with knowledge came madness

The horrors it roused dulled any earlier sadness

A record of lost history and supreme magick arts

An account of an Ancient, swaying men’s hearts


The fell volume spun tale of a vile wight seeking darkness eternal

His changing of history through actions infernal

This book was not his though, it belonged to another

They too swayed the past, but with thralls independent

This book was enough, it achieved what was needed


Yet more work it needs, the book is not quite complete

Not until Pious finally tastes his defeat!

What I’ve played so far has left me intrigued, I don’t think I’ve played another game that centered around unknowable horror like Eternal Darkness does. Others are more personal, or they explain where the monsters/evil comes from and what it wants, which is scary but in a very different way to this: something completely alien – impossible to know, impossible to confront head on. It’s a thought that just inspires dread, no?

To those have played the game: how would you compare it to other horror games? What did you take away from it?


  1. duckofindeed says:

    That certainly sounds like an interesting game. That’s what is scary about Slender Man, I think. You don’t know who, or what he is, where he came from, how he came to be. And what scares me the most is I don’t know what he wants or what he does to the player once he catches them. I have no idea what unspeakable horrors he commits every time I bump into him! Not sure if that’s the same thing, but the “unknowable horror” is always the best, as our imaginations are probably worse than the reality of the monster.

    Ahem, anyway, you had some good rhymes in this. The second stanza is my favorite. I liked the rhymes the most, and it gave a good description of the book. Nice job.


    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Thanks Duck! Yeah, Eternal Darkness is definitely a game to pick up if you ever spot it out in the wild. It approaches horror differently than most modern games, focusing more on creating an atmosphere of despair and dread rather than trying to be outright ghastly and relying on jumpscares.

      The scares come from thinking about what you’re confronting rather than reacting to something threatening your survival.


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