Zelda Limericks

Artwork from Flickr User: Xela Ogerrob
Artwork from Flickr User: Xela Ogerrob

And now, I continue poetry on the topic of my obvious terror of “Zelda” characters with various limericks. Along with a game. Drum roll please. Let’s play…Guess the Monster! Guess which creatures my limericks are describing! And don’t look at the tags, you cheaters!

Limerick #1

To my dismay I once found

A dozen white arms underground

Why do you run with such haste?

He just likes how you taste

I don’t want the Hover Boots now

Limerick #2

They skitter like spiders, it’s true

But, they can’t be squished with a shoe

Oh, I’ve forgotten one thing

It’s on the ceiling

You’ve forgotten to look up, haven’t you?

Limerick #3

But most of all, be wary

He’s tubby and thinks he’s a fairy

Let it be said

He’s not right in the head

I really just think he is scary


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Liked what you did with the first two. LOVED what you did with that last one Duck! You’re right, that guy IS scary!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Thanks much! Shudder. Tingle is evil…. We all know he’s really the mastermind behind each game.

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