A BitterSweet Song

Image by Flickr user: Elsie esq. (cc)

Spooky-Silly Poetry Month continues! It’s close to being finished, but we’re not there’s yet! There’s still a few more days until Halloween concludes this little poetic exercise we’ve been running. In honor of the event, here’s another poetic offering instead of the usual fare. It’s not spooky-silly, but rather a tribute to one of my personal favorite games: The Legend of Zelda –  Majora’s Mask! It’s a game that’s seems to only get more dark and depressing the more it’s played and analyzed. It’s image a far cry from the innocent Zelda game we once knew it as.

A Bittersweet Song

Rustl-ing sound,

Rustl-ing tone,

Rust-ling in my mind…

Scrubs too close,

Run a-way,

Body feeling wrong…

Eyes still closed,

Need to look,

What change, will I find?

Glow-ing gaze, Cackl-ing phrase,

What Have You DONE?!

Just one chance to be healed

Regain what’s been lost…

This world’s on the brink now

From doom a-bove…

Four regions hurting,

Four spirits imprisoned…

Their power can stop this

Curse-ed Moon’s Fall!

Time is short,

3 days left,

Guess I’ll get to work…

The Song this is set to:


  1. duckofindeed says:

    No one’s done a poem set to a song yet. Nice job. I especially liked the last stanza.
    Now I want to go play that game again. It was so great. And now I have The Song of Healing stuck in my head.

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  2. cary says:

    Great job. 🙂 And more proof that I REALLY need to play Majora’s Mask again!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      You do indeed. It’s an awesome game!

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