Spooky-Silly Contest: This Is The End

Image Captured By Hatmonster

Happy Halloween all! Well this it, the final day of our spooky game poetry contest! We’very gotten some great submissions so far this month, and we’re finishing it all off with one more!

This last post came to us via Twitter, from Alex Charteris of the Manic Pixie Dream Cast (@pixiedreamcast). This Haiku was submitted to point out the scarier aspects of Goat Simulator. It’s not traditionallying scary game to be sure, but as the poem shows, goats. can be quite terrifying for some things.


A ghost is,
Under the table cloth tonight,
Scared of goats.

Thus marks the end of our little contest. Check back soon to see who gets crowned the Spooky Champion of Silly Game Poetry! But for now please enjoy all of the previous entries!

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  1. duckofindeed says:

    Woo, what a fun contest! Can’t wait to see the winner. I need to vote. I’ve been lazy about it. And it’s such a hard decision!


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