Dirge of Slender

Time for a series of Slender haiku. Followed by a poem about the one thing even Slender Man can’t compete with….

Spooky Silly Contest: Week 2

Image Captured by Hatmonster Well we’ve completed our second week of Spooky-Silly Poetry, and with it we have another entry in this little contest of ours! This week’s entry comes from a Mr. Stier, who submitted this untitled haiku:


Below, I present to you all the Duck’s contribution to our collection of delightfully spooky poems in anticipation of Halloween. This is a Slender Man poem I published not too long ago on fanfiction.net and which I think would be quite fitting for this month’s festivities.  Without further ado: Trees.  By the Duck.

Slender is an Experience

I have been writing a lot of posts related to “Slender: The Nine Pages” as of late.  Even more so (and which is required in order to properly write about it), I have been playing the game, not to mention recording gameplay videos of it, something I have been enjoying immensely, even as it repeatedly…

The Duck Meets the Slender Man…It Was Not a Pleasure

I did it. I finally played “Slender: The Nine Pages”. I sure hope the site where I downloaded it was safe, but all seems well. I downloaded version 1.3, and I had some trouble at first figuring out how to get it to work, as the computer kept complaining at me that I couldn’t open…

The Duck Watches People Get Terrorized by Slender Man

Just the other day (as of writing this, at least), I was watching this gameplay video of a game I remember hearing about a few months ago or so called “Slender: The Nine Pages”. It is a PC game, and I was warned right from the start that it might be rather scary. That only…

News Byte: New Slender Game On Steam

The tale of Slenderman continues in Slender: The Arrival, which was recently released on Steam and is being sold at a 20% discount until Monday, November 4th). As the Slender Man has become internet folklore at this point, having a chance to explore the legend further is indeed a tempting proposition.