Dirge of Slender

Image by Flickr User: martscrazyhorse
Image by Flickr User: martscrazyhorse

Time for a series of Slender haiku. Followed by a poem about the one thing even Slender Man can’t compete with….

Slender Haiku #1

Slender: 9 Pages

There must be better ways of

Getting notepaper

Slender Haiku #2

As you might have guessed

Playing with the lights off is

A bad idea

Slender Haiku #3

Creepy dark basement

Faceless monster wants me dead

Sounds like a good time

Slender Haiku #4

Stop stalking me and

Leaving creepy notes, this is

Why you don’t have friends

Bonus Haiku

Been playing for hours

Leveled up, beat a boss, oh…

I forgot to save


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Silliness followed by a dose of true terror! Love what you did there Duck!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Slender Man is nothing compared to not saving. In fact, I just experienced such horror today when I realized I didn’t save after beating two bosses in Chrono Cross. Still gives me the shivers.


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