Engineering Survival

Image by Flickr User: brava_67 (cc)

Our month of Spooky-Silly Poetry continues! Like before, this isn’t part of the contest, but I can hardly hold back while everyone else is exercising their inner poet! That said,for your consideration I ecstatically present: Engineering Survival

Crashed on a planet, Tau Volantis its name

Surrounded by the dead, come alive once again

Too many to fight with the guns on my person

Need a new tool else my position will worsen


Alone in the wastes, found a shack to take cover

A workbench it held rife with possibilities!

No necromorphs around, it’s time to recover

What shall I employ to end the hostilities?


Shall I take limbs with a souped-up plasma cutter?

Or throw hot flames to melt them like so much butter?

Construct a force gun so as to maintain my space,

Maybe a hydraulic hammer swung like a mace?


So many choices, but I know just what to make

A classic assault gun, with optional lightning

If these dead still knew fear, they would certainly quake

Helpless prey no more, now I’ve become frightening


Crashed on a planet, Tau Volantis its name

Surrounded by the dead, come alive once again

The shack is discovered, they’re coming for me

Good thing an engineer’s all I ever wanted to be.

No crafting system has ever moved me quite like the one in Dead Space 3. Building awesome weapons to take out the Necromorphs was wonderfully cathartic after enduring jump-scare after jump-scare for the better part of three games! So much fun!

What did you enjoy about Dead Space games? Did you enjoy your chance to finally take the fight to the Necromorphs?


  1. duckofindeed says:

    I have never played this game, but I enjoyed the poem. Nice rhymes. My favorite lines were the two you began the poem with (it’s no wonder you repeated them).


    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Dead Space 3 isn’t as much of a horror game as the first two but definitely worth a playthrough.

      Thanks for the comment on the rhymes, I think those lines were my favorites too!


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