News Byte: New Slender Game On Steam


The tale of Slenderman continues in Slender: The Arrivalwhich was recently released on Steam and is being sold at a 20% discount until Monday, November 4th). As the Slender Man has become internet folklore at this point, having a chance to explore the legend further is indeed a tempting proposition.

According to the release:

In Slender: The Arrival, players will take on the role of “Laura’, whose destiny has now been caught up in the malicious designs of the Slender Man. As the game progresses, Laura will uncover clues and items in search of her long-time friend, Kate.As she delves deeper into the sadistic world of the Slender Man, Laura will encounter cryptic messages, deadly visions, court madness as she is deals with voices in her mind and receive horrific insights regarding the maleficent forces surrounding her quest.

To ad to the immersive feel and spine-chilling atmosphere, Slender: The Arrival supports Oculus Rift for those brave or foolish enough to take on the Slender Man face to face.

Are you eager to take on the Slender Man once more, or was the original game enough for you? Did you consider the game scary?

Source: Reverb Communications Inc.

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