Community Recap: 10/28 – 11/1


Another year, another fantastic week of Halloween scares, chills, thrills, and discussions. Halloween may be over, but that’s no reason to cease all the spooky fun before the weekend is out! Our associates at Simpleek, Plus 10 Damage, Games I Made My Girlfriend Play, and Cheese Toastie and Video Games all have excellent offerings for your entertainment this week; so keep that Halloween fun going and check them out!



You Don’t Have To Play a Horror Video Game to Feel a Rush of Dread Wash Over You

This week Christine of Simpleek gives her own take on horror games as one who isn’t a fan of the horror genre and shares some her own spooky experiences with games that aren’t typically thought of as scary. As many of us know, a game doesn’t have to belong to the survival-horror genre in order to give you a good scare. So what “non-scary” games affected Christine so? See the post and find out (right here)!


Top Ten Games You Should Play This Halloween

Blake Turner of Plus 10 Damage shares their  list of the top 10 games you should play in order to properly honor the Halloween spirit. It’s a good mix of crowd-favorites and relative unknowns; a list sure to give all but the staunchest of horror-seekers some new scares to enjoy , for Halloween and beyond. Check out the list now to see if your favorites made the cut, as well as those games you may have missed! (Find it Here!)


Pokemon Pumpkins

GIMMGP was one of the participants in our “Simultober“, post sharing series so you can find a couple of their excellent posts right here at UWG. However, there’s so much more excellence to be seen on their blog this week! In addition to a shared post from Cynenway (another Simultober participant), this week they found some pretty darn cool Pokemon-themed jack ‘o lanterns. Check out the post to see if your favorite pocket monster was among the carvings they came across! (See it Here!)


Sam and Sam Play Antichamber Part 2 

One of of our other excellent participants in  Simultober, in addition to her shared post (which you can find right here), she also found time to continue her Let’s Play series for Antichamber an intriguing (or perhaps just confusing) action puzzle/platformer. See all the puzzling hijinks, and find out if Sam ‘n Sam are able to make it through this time, on her blog! (Found right here!)


Halloween is over, but the celebration continues! Have an excellent weekend all, and for your viewing pleasure, we’ll be back here next with more awesome content from our fellows! Until then, Play. Share. and Unite! 


  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I concur. Some excellent Halloween-themed writing all around the board from everyone here at UWG and across my blogroll. Happy to be a fan!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      There certainly were some good posts for Halloween. It was quite a fun topic.


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