Today in Gaming History: 11/2/13


November 1993: LucasArts releases Sam and Max: Hit The Road 
When it comes to 1990s point-and-click adventure games, you’d be hard pressed to find a funnier game than Sam and Max: Hit the Road.  (Okay, so maybe your definition of “funny” is different from mine…) The anthropomorphic dog Sam and his hyperkinetic rabbity thing sidekick Max were crime-fighting comic book characters long before they made the move the small screen. And thankfully their transformation from page to pixels wasn’t at all watered down in terms of humor.

Sam and Max: Hit The Road told the story of, well, Sam and Max, detective duo extraordinaire, as they hit the road to find Bigfoot. Their investigation took them across this great U. S. of A. to tourist sites small and smaller in order to solve the case. The game featured simple point-and-click controls and a story that was as warped as it was lovable. Since its original DOS release 20 years ago, Hit the Road has been ported to Mac OS and Windows.

Hit the Road was one the best point-and-click games I ever played, and it’s way up there in term of my favorites. Share with us your Sam and Max memories, or sound off with your favorite point-and-click game in the comments!