Nintendo 64 Games Are Coming to the Switch…At a Cost

By now, Nintendo Switch Online sports a hefty collection of old-school titles from the NES and SNES, leaving us to ask, “So where are our 3D titles, Nintendo?”  Well, we have finally received the long-awaited announcement that Nintendo 64 games will be made available on the Nintendo Switch.  At an additional cost.  Okay, awesome…wait, what…?

So far, Nintendo hasn’t given us any details as far as pricing goes, but in order to play Nintendo 64 games (in addition to Sega Genesis games), you will need to pay for the Expansion Pack, a more expensive membership, which will begin in late October.  The current plan is not exactly pricey, at just $3.99 a month or $19.99 a year, but I kind of resent having to pay more for games that feel like they should have been part of the original plan.  (If anything, maybe require us to pay more if they ever include GameCube games?)  Heck, I’m still not over the fact that the Virtual Console allowed us the chance to buy all of these games, with no subscription required!  Yes, we had to pay for them individually, but then I could just pay a one-time fee for the few games I wanted instead of a monthly fee for a bunch of games I don’t want.

There will also be wireless Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis controllers available for $49.99 each.  The video I watched said they are only available to Nintendo Switch Online members.  While this makes sense (because they won’t be very useful to you otherwise…unless you just like collecting controllers), I have to wonder how you’ll prove this.  Does that mean that you will only be able to order these online and won’t have the option to purchase them in stores?  I mean, I don’t plan on buying these myself, but considering the sheer number of times my packages have been lost in the mail or have arrived damaged, I really prefer buying things in person whenever possible, y’know.

Anyway, the service is going to start with a small handful of games (7 for the N64 and 14 for the Genesis), so it doesn’t seem worth getting the Expansion Pack until more games have been added.  As for whether or not I’ll be getting the service, it really depends on the price.  If it’s just a tad more than the normal subscription, I might go for it because it’s already so cheap to begin with.  But if not…I might just need to get my Wii U out of storage because it already has most of my favorite N64 games that I downloaded from the Virtual Console years ago.

Then again, they plan to add Banjo-Kazooie to the service in the future, so…that might change things.

How do you feel about the extra subscription service, dear readers?  Do you think Nintendo 64 and Genesis games should have been part of the original service or do you think the higher price is fair?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Ben Berwick says:

    I’m with you – price is key. I don’t mind pay a little more, but I’m not prepared to fork out too much, even for the chance to play Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. As for the controllers… I wish they were a bit cheaper!

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      I agree, I feel like the controllers are a bit expensive. I know they’re wireless and compatible with the Switch…but it still feels like I’m paying $50 each for controllers for 20-30 year old consoles.

      As I mentioned in my post, I made sure to buy all my favorite SNES and N64 games on the Wii U, so paying for Nintendo Switch Online is more for convenience and if I feel like trying some games I never played before. So it’s not like I need these games on the Switch if it’s too pricey.

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