Listmas 2020: The Duck’s Ideal Christmas Event

Christmas is nearly here, and with it, Toy Day should soon become available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  While we know a few details about this upcoming event, I wanted to list what would make for my ideal Christmas event.

  • Giving and Receiving Gifts: No Christmas would be complete without gift-giving.  And like with past Animal Crossing Christmas events, helping out Jingle by giving gifts to our villagers should certainly be one of the main activities.  But after all the work I’ve done to make our island as perfect as possible, a gift or two from my animal friends would certainly be appreciated, as well.  (Oh, and thanks for the wreath, Olaf.  You’re exempt from giving me a present this year.)
  • Festive…Everything: Snow and lights and decorations are all must-haves for Christmastime.  Fortunately, these things are already present in the game, but they needed to be mentioned, nonetheless.  Now I just need to get a Christmas tree recipe from those pesky balloons….
  • Christmas Carols: I don’t know…can I sing some festive songs with my villagers?  I already know Skye enjoys singing every chance she gets, but it would be nice if my dear, little Charlotte could get involved in the merry singing, as well.
  • Hot Cocoa: In New Leaf, you could walk around with a hot coffee in one hand.  I’d like to be able to do the same in New Horizons, except with hot cocoa.  Or maybe egg nog.
  • Recipes for Food: We already have recipes for festive items (I mean, I don’t because the balloons won’t drop them!), but I want to make food, too.  Sure, the yule log I got around Thanksgiving was cute and all, but it only makes me hungry for even more adorable foods to create!
  • Snowmen and Snow Angels: I know snowmen are already present in the game (unless, like me, your island doesn’t have enough grassy space…).  But can we get a new Reaction where we make snow angels, as well?
  • Games: Any chance we could play some silly games with our villagers on Christmas?  Maybe win some festive prizes?