Listmas 2021: The Duck’s Funniest Games

During last year’s Listmas, we spent a week discussing our favorite comedic gaming moments.  This year, for the Duck’s free choice, I thought it would be fun to list some of the funniest games, in general, that I’ve ever played.  After all, who doesn’t want to end the holiday season with some good cheer?  As…

Listmas 2021: Let’s Chill

If there’s one thing that makes a holiday break, or any break from the grind, truly special, it’s having time to simply relax. Add to that spending time with friends and loved ones, and well, you’ve got yourself a nice vacation! Making for the trifecta is relaxing, being with family, and playing video games, and…

Listmas 2021: The Duck’s Top Relaxing Games

Around the holiday season, we all like to relax and spend time with family.  Or, if you’re a gamer like us, then you probably want to relax and spend time with some video games, and if your family insists on joining you, then…well, that’s what multiplayer games are for!  Today, the Duck shall be listing…

Listmas 2021: The Duck’s Favorite Gaming Mascots

This week’s Listmas theme covers mascot characters, those characters that are so darn iconic that they actually represent an entire company or franchise.  Today’s post shall cover the Duck’s favorite examples of mascot characters in gaming, in no particular order.

Listmas 2021: The Duck’s Gaming-Themed Meal

Well, this is most assuredly the tastiest week Virtual Bastion has had in a long time.  It’s now the Duck’s turn to write about just a handful of the many video game foods I’d like to try.  I’ve narrowed it down to several sections, Sides, Meals, and Desserts, with three entries each.  Because without some…

Listmas 2020: The Duck’s Most Anticipated Games for 2021

To end off Listmas 2020, we’re going to talk about what games we’re most looking forward to in 2021!  In addition to new releases, I was going to list a few games I’d most like to see added to the Nintendo Switch Online service, as well.

Listmas 2020: The Duck’s Ideal Christmas Event

Christmas is nearly here, and with it, Toy Day should soon become available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  While we know a few details about this upcoming event, I wanted to list what would make for my ideal Christmas event.

Listmas 2020: The Duck’s Top 6 Favorite Bonus Content

With Christmas almost upon us, it might be nice to list some of our favorite gaming “gifts”, extra bonus content that the game developers didn’t have to include, but did anyway.  From bonus worlds to cut content to a secret island, this post discusses the Duck’s personal favorite bonuses found in video games!

Listmas 2020: Top 5 Characters with Bad First Impressions

They say that “first impressions are everything”.  And in the real world, that can often be the case.  Because who wants to hang out with someone who acted like a huge creep the first time you met them?  Well, video games are a bit different because you may be forced to see a character you…

Listmas 2020: The Duck’s Top 5 Comedic Moments

What better way to kick off Listmas in 2020 than with a chuckle?  Yes, folks, it’s now the Duck’s turn to talk about my favorite funny gaming moments!  So if you’re feeling down, surely one of these silly examples should succeed in making you smile.