Listmas 2020: The Duck’s Top 5 Comedic Moments

What better way to kick off Listmas in 2020 than with a chuckle?  Yes, folks, it’s now the Duck’s turn to talk about my favorite funny gaming moments!  So if you’re feeling down, surely one of these silly examples should succeed in making you smile.

5: Murray’s Geisha Dance – One of my favorite moments from the Sly Cooper series was the mission in Thieves in Time where Murray dresses like a geisha and dances on stage.  Since I’ve already written about this before, I’ll just leave you guys with the video of the whole thing.  (And is it just me, or is Murray strangely adorable as a geisha…?)

Video from YouTube User: MaxedGamers

4: The Smiley ‘n’ Surly ShowNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is home to plenty of cheesy puns, and when I came to the point of the game where we had to watch a comedy sketch put on by the fairies, Smiley and Surly, in order to make the fairy godmother laugh, I braced myself for what I assumed would be a cringe-worthy performance.  Turns out, what I was treated to was actually a pretty funny little show revolving around Smiley’s dream to own a weapon shop and Surly’s frustration at the other’s antics.

Video from YouTube User: FFYears

3: Qwark’s Funeral – One of my favorite video game series is Ratchet & Clank, and though the game has plenty of memorable and funny cut scenes, one of the earliest that I remember really being able to make me laugh was the one with Qwark’s funeral.  Sure, funerals aren’t usually very humorous affairs, but this one is indeed good for a laugh because, you see, we learn later on in the game that Qwark is not actually dead.  Highlights include Ratchet’s description of Qwark’s best qualities, including his large chin that features “a butt shape” and some near-swearing from Clank’s evil counterpart, Klunk.

Video from YouTube User: Devil_Slayer Productions

2: Dating Papyrus – Another comedic moment that I’ve already talked about before, dating Papyrus in Undertale is one of my favorite moments in an already funny game.  This date has got to be one of the funniest, and most awkward, in human history, as unhelpful graphs pop up on screen, and he even hides a plate of spaghetti under his hat.  But hey, count yourself lucky because you’re getting to date a guy so awesome, it even says “Cool Dude” right on his shirt!

Video from YouTube User: willcheat

1: Henry Stickmin’s Distraction Dance – While I didn’t actually play The Henry Stickmin Collection myself, I did watch YouTuber 8-BitRyan play the game, and for starters, this is one of the most consistently funny games I’ve ever seen.  There is no shortage of funny moments, ranging from Henry’s constant failures to plenty of Easter eggs for other games.  But my all-time favorite moment was Henry’s distraction dance, which actually appears throughout the game multiple times.  The first time, it proves completely ineffective because everyone in the room, foes and friends alike, can’t help but join in the dance.  Now what did you think that was really going to accomplish, Henry?

Video from YouTube User: Marsame

There you have it, folks.  Did these funny moments make you laugh?  And while we’re at it, why don’t you share your favorite funny gaming moments in the comments below!

Image from Flickr User: mars2999

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I’d forgotten about Qwark’s funeral! It’s still funny how only Ratchet (and Clunk oddly enough) saw through Qwark’s hero persona. The dude was (and is) insufferable, yet he got the hero treatment right up to his supposed end. Hilarious!

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