December is Here Again and So is Listmas!

Season’s greetings everyone! It’s been a real roller coaster of a year, hasn’t it? With so much going on, it’s definitely been at least a little tempting to let some of the smaller things fall to the wayside as we try to deal with the bigger issues surrounding us. Even so, it’s in the little things that normalcy and joy are typically found, so we here at Virtual Bastion are back to celebrate Listmas once again! We haven’t missed a Listmas since our friend, MurfVS, started it back in 2013, and we’re not about to let 2020 ruin the streak! Listmas 2020 is on! Here’s what you can expect:

Throughout the month, all three of us will be posting a variety of lists themed around all manner of gaming things. We try to to a little something different every year, so it’s not all about the holidays like in years past. Still, I think this year’s crop should be pretty good! Here’s the schedule:

  • Week of 12/1 – Favorite Funny Moments
  • Week of 12/ 6 – Wild Card (everything is on the table!)
  • Week of 12/ 13 – Favorite Bonus Content
  • Week of 12/20 – What Makes a Great Holiday Event?
  • Week of 12/27 – Favorite Games of 2020
  • Week of 1/3 – Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Indeed Listmas 2020 is running a touch longer than usual, but that’s only because we’re actually rather excited to talk about all these subjects! Please tune in each week and see what everyone comes up with! Also, don’t be afraid to add or link to your own short lists in the comments! We want to know what you think of these too. And with that, merry Listmas everyone!


  1. emonyagami says:

    Got some great lists on there, cant wait to read them 🙂

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