Unforgettable: Dating Papyrus in Undertale

April is a great month for discussing silly gaming moments, and the best game I can think of in terms of sheer humor is Undertale.  Few games have made me laugh quite like this one, and one major reason for this hilarity is thanks to my favorite character, Papyrus.  (If you haven’t already played Undertale, proceed no further, as playing the game blind is recommended.)  To say Papyrus is silly would be a massive understatement.  He excuses himself by jumping out a window.  And has a dream of owning a store that sells fire.  And it’s completely impossible to insult him because he takes every statement as a compliment.

But if I had to pick one single moment in Undertale that I find to be the most hilarious, it would be the date with Papyrus.  Anyone who chooses not to flirt with this “cool” skeleton (or who, on the more extreme end of the spectrum, chooses to outright murderize him) is seriously missing out because this is easily one of the most memorable moments in the game.  After either defeating Papyrus or getting captured by him three times, you get the option to hang out with him at his house.  If you enter his room and speak to him, you can begin a hilarious, and ridiculous, date that you need to see to believe.  That’s why I provided a video below.  The actual date starts at 5:00.

Video from Youtube User: Xartimus

I’ve watched that several times, and it still makes me laugh.  Well, what is your funniest gaming moment, dear readers?  Please share the fun in the comments below!

Image from Flickr User: mars2999