What We Wrote About in 2013

This month we’re celebrating Virtual Bastion’s 5-year anniversary by sharing our favorite memories of the site, blogging, gaming, and our online friendships. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane!

When it comes to defining  “[x year] in gaming,” you’d be hard pressed to find a more substantial one in recent memory than 2013. If nothing else, that year saw the announcement and release of both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, two consoles that have changed the way we play games, by ourselves and with each other. And with these releases came loads of questions about gaming in general. When Hatm0nster, The Duck, and I first got United We Game off the ground, there was no way to avoid the fact that the game community was changing, becoming more inquisitive and less…well…for lack of a better work, gullible. Through community posts and our own articles, we asked questions of the industry and invited others to discuss their own thoughts on the evolving scope of games and gaming. Despite being a new online presence, we were really proud of the writers who answered the call and the writings they produced. Looking back over five years, it’s amazing that many of the same questions we were asking then, we’re still asking now. (The more things change…and all that.) Needless to say, 2013 was a great year for gaming discussions of all sorts, so please join us now as we link back to a few of our written highlights from the year.

Within weeks of starting United We Game, we were already sharing thoughts on big questions concerning the state of gaming and our own places within it. (Suffice to say, what we thought then might not be what we think now!)

We opined about game mechanics and tropes.

We challenged gaming conventions and questioned industry practices.

We opened up about own own gaming habits and identities.

We had fun offering up personal gaming stories through self-chosen topics and community-driven posts, along with particaption in industry events.

And rounding out the year, we participated in our very first blogging event, Listmas, which we continue to celebrate each year!

Now it’s your turn! If you were blogging in 2013, what we’re YOU talking about? Link to your best/favorite posts from that year in the comments below.

Lede image by Flickr user Mark Farrell (CC BY 2.0)


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    Continuing Virtual Bastion’s 5th birthday celebration, here I took a look back into our H-U-G-E vault of past posts (seriously, it’s big) and culled together a list of some of the topics that we wrote about back when we first started. It’s like taking a trip back in time! …only with less cellular damage. 🙂


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