Lament of the ReDead

A series of four ReDead haiku. Enjoy.  If you dare…  Uwa-ha-hack cough! Haiku #1 Wrinkled old zombies They are really just Gibdos Without the clothes on Haiku #2 They may be dead, but They know how to boogie when They’re not eating you Haiku #3 Eyes rotted away Mouth never closed; quit screaming You’ll wake…

Dirge of Slender

Time for a series of Slender haiku. Followed by a poem about the one thing even Slender Man can’t compete with….


Below, I present to you all the Duck’s contribution to our collection of delightfully spooky poems in anticipation of Halloween. This is a Slender Man poem I published not too long ago on and which I think would be quite fitting for this month’s festivities.  Without further ado: Trees.  By the Duck.

Guest Post: Zombies are Not Scary

Originally posted on CheeeseToastieandVideoGames:
This week I bring to you the second guest post of the month, again on the topic of horror. The blogger I’m featuring this week is the always entertaining and insightful Duck of gaming blog The Duck of Indeed and one of the admins of United We Game. Remember to check…

Review a Bad Game: Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday

No matter how skilled you are at picking good video games, once you amass enough of them, you invariably end up with some downright rotten ones.  So when preparing for this post, I listed by console the games I have that are no good.  After marking out the ones that are really should be categorized…