Rare Scares: Creepy Sounds in Creepy Castle

The Duck’s newest Rare Scares illustrates just how much one’s own imagination can be their worst nightmare.  Seeing as today’s post focuses on Donkey Kong 64, it should come as no surprise that the specific world I have in mind is Creepy Castle.  I have had an increasingly rocky relationship with this game, as the older I get, the more intolerable DK64’s silliness has become.  Nevertheless, I played this game countless times as a duckling, and back then, there was one location I dreaded more than any other.

On the lowest level of Creepy Castle, you can enter the immense structure to find a cave that branches off in several directions.  If you go left from what I believe was the only entrance, you would find a rather bizarre skull that acts as a doorway for select Kongs to enter.  This skull and its unnatural shape deeply unsettled me as a child, though I believe I was even more terrified by what lay within.

You see, once you enter the skull, you find yourself in these hallways whose walls are lined with bones, which I found quite disturbing indeed.  But no, this was not the worst of it.  What really bothered me about this place was a simple sound effect that would play from time to time, a noise that sounded like the despairing groan of a man or…something else.  As a duckling, my overactive imagination was doing me no favors, as this groan was enough to frighten me to the point that I dreaded entering these hallways and spent the entirety of my time here fearing that I might run into the source of the noise.

I believe the height of my terror arose when Diddy had to hit a few switches in order to open a large coffin.  I swear, I was horrified by this and worried greatly that something absolutely awful would come rising out of that coffin as soon as the lid slid open.  To my relief, the coffin contained nothing more than a banana.  Even so, I hightailed it out of there, quite thankful once that section of the world was over so I wouldn’t have to hear that unsettling groan ever again.  But if you’d like to relive my fright, you can always check out the video below.  Oh, and you’ll want to skip to about 22:00.

Video from Youtube User: Raw Gameplay

It’s crazy how one’s imagination, paired with a simple sound effect, has the ability to haunt someone so deeply.  And now that I have recounted my tale of terror, it’s your turn to share your own stories, dear readers.  When was a time your own imagination caused you to be frightened over something that shouldn’t have really been all that scary?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

Photo by Flickr User: Allison Edrington