Join us this month for “Uncanny Accounts”

Here at Virtual Bastion, we love the fall and everything that comes with it, including the spooky aura of October. Traditionally, we’ve used this month to share with you our own stories about scary games, haunting moments in games, games that make things go bump in the night! Though 2020 has been challenging, our October tradition remains; and this time around, we hope you’ll join us as we recount some “Uncanny Accounts” in games and gaming.

With “Uncanny Accounts,” our aim is to bring you stories of spooky lore and eerie moments in our favorite games, uncover mysteries within and surrounding games, and share delightfully scary tales from games, from the weird and wonderful, to the fearsome and forbidding. New posts will start this coming Sunday and continue all month long! Follow along and don’t be shy…there’s plenty of room in here for everyone…bwahahahaha!