Demon’s Souls Remake is Still Looking Really Cool!

Okay, so this isn’t really breaking news, but it’s still worth seeing for anyone who hasn’t gotten around to it yet. See, Sony and Bluepoint Games released about 4 minutes of gameplay for Demon’s Souls Remake, and I have to say that it’s really looking impressive. The improved framerate alone is enough to have me thinking about finally giving the series a real shot.

Video from YouTube channel: PlayStation

I sort of missed out on the Dark Souls and Bloodborne craze during the 2012-2015 days. I’m not sure why I skipped them to be honest. They looked fun and interesting, but I just never took the leap. Maybe it was because the choppy framerates of the early games were unappealing. Maybe it was because I had a bunch of friends who were insufferable Dark Souls fans. Who knows?

Now that the original Dark Souls and soon Demon’s Souls will have versions for current systems, maybe I’ll finally give it a shot. I’ve always wanted to play them, and this time I can bluster my wayy through without any know-it-all backseat gaming (I kid!). In all seriousness though, Demon’s Souls Remake really does look fantastic, doesn’t it?

What do you think of Demon’s Souls Remake? Will you be jumping in for the first time too?

Lede image sourced from

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