Spooptober: Madame Clairvoya

One of the best games to really embrace the spoopy theme is Luigi’s Mansion, that fun little romp where Luigi must capture ghosts by sucking them up in a vacuum.  While the game features all sorts of silly, smiling ghouls, that doesn’t change the fact that these ghosts are still eager to give poor Luigi a beating.  All of them, in fact, except for the mansion’s resident fortune teller, Madame Clairvoya. 

Yes, Madame Clairvoya is the only ghost who isn’t bent on causing Luigi harm, plus she’s outright helpful, as well! Throughout your adventure, Luigi can find several of Mario’s dropped items, and this undead fortune teller will happily use them to give Luigi information on his missing brother’s whereabouts.  Apparently she also owns a crystal ball that allows her to see 49 days into the future.  As limited as that may sound, I can only see 49 minutes into the future, so she’s got me beat in that department!

Not only does Madame Clairvoya eventually discover Mario’s location, she is even able to give Luigi vital information concerning the mastermind behind this whole dastardly scheme!  And once her job is complete and she can assist you no more, she will willingly allow you to capture her so that she can be returned to her portrait.  How very sporting of her!  Yes, I think it’s safe to say that this ghostly fortune teller was Luigi’s most invaluable ally in the first game (excluding Professor E. Gadd anyway), and we will always remember her as that one friendly ghoul when all the rest decided they didn’t want to play nice.  Rest in peace, dear Madame Clairvoya, rest in peace.

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