Spooptober: Linda the Lungfish

Horror doesn’t always need to be about ghosts and ghouls.  Probably one of the scariest places outside of crypts and cemeteries is any large and murky body of water whose depths could hide absolutely anything.  One such location would undoubtedly be Lake Oblongata from Psychonauts, artificially created when the town of Shaky Claim was flooded by the government.  Now the kids at Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp can only spread rumors of some mysterious creature lurking beyond Oblongata’s shores.

Shortly after our psychic protagonist Raz shows up, kids start to go missing, and it’s not long before he finds himself face to face with the culprit, a hulking and mutated lungfish with sharp crooked teeth, bulging eyes, and a glowing lure like that of an anglerfish.  After the creature returns to the depths with fellow camper Lili in tow, Raz has no choice but to follow it for an underwater battle amongst Shaky Claim’s sunken ruins.

What a magical lady…

After the fight ends in Raz’s victory, we learn that the lungfish, who goes by the name of Linda, was actually mutated by the diabolical dentist and scientist Dr. Loboto and is being mind controlled to do his evil bidding! Poor little thing…  And so it’s up to Raz to enter Linda’s mind, which manifests as a city inhabited by lungfish living regular human lives, while Raz himself appears as a giant monster!

Just an ordinary city inhabited by lungfish…

After freeing Linda from her mind control, she is able to communicate with Raz telepathically and takes him to the abandoned asylum where Lili’s being kept.  Sure, she has to swallow Raz in order to do so, but she spits him out once they reach their destination! So next time you encounter a huge, hulking monster, perhaps take into consideration the possibility that she’s more afraid of you than you are of her.

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