Pokemon Gets Splashed Into the Next Splatfest

Nintendo has revealed when Splatoon 3’s next “Splatfest” event will be taking place: November 11th to the 13th. Further, the event is going to be themed after Pokemon this time around, with everyone repping their favorite starter type: Grass, Fire or Water. This has long been a debate in the Pokemon fandom, and now it seems that it’s time to settle the argument once and for all.

Upon choosing their faction, Splatoon 3 players will get a special outfit to rep their starter type with. Beyond simply settling the argument in their favor, it seems that there are really no other stakes or prizes on the line this time around.

Not exactly a lot to motivate people, but perhaps seeing one’s favorite starter prevail is enough. I don’t play Splatoon 3, but I suppose I’d choose to rep Grass. It’s not so much that I pick Grass for each Pokemon game, but my absolute favorite starter, Treecko, is a grass-type, so Grass all the way, baby!!

Which starter type will you/ would you fight for in this Splatfest? Why that one?

Image from Nintendo news page