Resonance: Stay Out of the Moonlight

A few weeks ago, I decided to revisit the original Psychonauts and see if I could get some of the remaining collectibles that I had missed.  While this whole affair was a mixture of fun and aggravating, one of the best parts of revisiting this game revolved around seeking out the PSI cards, challenge markers, and scavenger hunt items that I had missed in camp.  By this point of the game, it is night time, and the general ambience was both incredibly relaxing and a bit chilling at the same time.

Wandering around a summer camp at night, which is inhabited by psychic bears and mountain lions, no less, is naturally a rather unsettling experience.  But it’s made even more so due to the fact that the camp is not empty because all the kids are sleeping soundly in their cabins.  No, it’s empty because the kids were kidnapped and had their brains stolen by a creep working at an abandoned insane asylum!  And you happen to be the last person left who can help them.  No pressure or anything.

Song by Peter McConnell

The music that plays at night is quite fitting in its eeriness.  It starts off with this slow and melancholy guitar, but my absolute favorite part starts around 2 minutes in with the harmonica, which really picks up around the 3-minute mark.  That harmonica in particular gives this whole song a decidedly lonely feel.  I could just see someone sitting alone by a campfire deep in the woods, playing that harmonica and reminiscing about the good, old days as they put their heart and soul into their music.  It almost brings a tear to my eye.  Needless to say, this music played a big role in ensuring that my time wandering about one dark and foreboding night in Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp will not quickly be forgotten.