Xeodrifter: Demo Review

Xeodrifter is a pixelated, Metroidvania-style space adventure which appears to be heavily inspired by games like Metroid and Super Metroid.  You are thrown right into the gameplay, finding yourself on some sort of alien planet with absolutely no direction.  A short bit of exploring later, and I had already defeated the first boss and obtained a submarine for travelling underwater, expanding the places that were now accessible to me.

Though I only played about 20 minutes of the demo before I reached a boss that was a bit tough for me, I still feel I have a pretty good idea of what this game is like.  Explore a labyrinth of passageways.  Obtain new abilities and health upgrades that make you more powerful.  The game feels pretty basic, but it seems like it could be fun for fans of the genre, nonetheless.  The only thing I found odd was the fact that both of the bosses that I fought during the demo were the same enemy with different abilities, and I read online that every boss in the game is like this.

For anyone in the mood for a bite-sized, Metroid-esque adventure, Xeodrifter seems like it would be a good choice.  The game is reportedly only 3-4 hours long, and though the sale price is usually $9.99, it sounds like it frequently goes on sale for just a dollar or two, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

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  1. Clayton says:

    This is a fantastic game and worth the purchase. I played through it a couple years ago in the Nintendo Switch. If you enjoy side-scrolling adventures, especially of the Metroid-Vania flavor, this is a must play. Great summary!

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