Resonance: Krook’s March

I have Donkey Kong Country 2 on four different consoles, SNES, Wii, Wii U, and now the Switch.  Needless to say, the game is a big deal to me.  As I replayed the game for the umpteenth time on the Switch, I was reminded of just how amazing the game’s soundtrack is.  In fact, this is the fourth Resonance post we’ve done for this game, and every single song that’s been picked thus far has certainly earned its place in our hearts.  The newest song I’d like to discuss with you all is Krook’s March.

First heard in Castle Crush (and later Chain Link Chamber and, gulp, Toxic Tower), this tune is found exclusively in K. Rool’s Keep, the last major world of the game before you chase the dastardly Kremling King up to the Flying Krock.  As this song is played in the enemy’s stronghold, it makes sense that this song would have an intimidating air to it.  Opening with its march-like beat, you immediately feel like you’re unwelcome, like the toughest leg of your journey is well and truly here.

As the song progresses (0:40-1:15), there is this lonely, mysterious vibe.  Like the castle you’re traversing is home to untold secrets, secrets you have no choice but to ignore on your quest to save your friend.  Dark secrets you’d probably rather leave undiscovered.  After all, you’re in enemy territory, the castle of K. Rool himself.

And yet, by 1:15, the song takes on a more hopeful tone.  Despite the dangers, you also know you’re getting close.  Your journey is almost at an end, and you need only press on.  You didn’t come this far just to fail.  You feel like success is just within your grasp.  It is with this renewed determination that you will overcome the game’s toughest trials and rescue Donkey Kong from K. Rool’s clutches….

Video from YouTube user: GilvaSunner

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Great analysis, Duck! I never thought about the theme hinting at secrets in the castle, but I think you’ve got a cool thought on your hands here. How much are we simply running past on our quest to save DK? I guess we’ll never know.

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