Final Fantasy VII Intergrade ‘Final’ Trailer is Fire!

Another month, another trailer for Final Fantasy VII Intergrade. Just like before, the upgraded PS5 visuals look excellent, and it does make one kind wish they could play on the new system. However, the real stars of this trailer are the newly revealed boss fights, modes and summons!

Video from YouTube channel: Final Fantasy

It looks like those who pick up Final Fantasy VII Intergrade are going to be getting some new content besides Yuffie’s campaign. It looks like Cloud and co. may be getting a new encounter/side story of their own to deal with, while Yuffie gets on of Final Fantasy’s classic summons: Ramuh! The Fort Condor minigame is back to, albeit in a different form. Instead of the simple tower defense game employed by the original Final Fantasy VII, the new version appears to be some sort of strategy game.

Players get several different kinds of units to deploy, and they all have certain benefits and drawbacks. It’s a bit too difficult to tell exactly how the game will work from the few seconds shown in the trailer, but it does look like players will have to be careful about which units they deploy against different enemies. Will this be better than the original minigame? Hopefully. Honestly, I’m rather impressed that Square Enix opted to include it at all.

Little side-note here: It looks like the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to end up in a different place than the original. I wonder if they’ll go so far as to include an optional branch wherein Aerith doesn’t die. It would be very interesting to see how the rest of the story would play out if that were to happen.

Also, who else would like to see Genesis make an appearance? We know he’s just chilling somewhere under Midgar (never to emerge again in the old timeline). It would be awesome to see him integrated into the story again since they’re already taking this one to a different place. What do you think?

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