No PS5, No Problem

Like many out there, I was (and still kind of am) a bit frustrated by the lack of available PlayStation 5 systems out there. I was okay with waiting for a few months and still absolutely refuse to buy a scalped system, but I still wanted to catch up with the rest of the gaming public and continue playing the latest and greatest.

However, I think I’ve changed my mind a bit. Over the past year, I’ve fallen into a pattern of only partially finishing my games, even good ones. This has left me with a not insignificant backlog of games to finish, and that’s not a good thing. So perhaps it’s a good thing that I haven’t gotten my hands on a PS5, and maybe I’ll continue to wait even after they become easier to get. Let’s face it: I have too many games to play as it is.

It used to be that I would focus on a game exclusively until I finished it. I felt it was the only way that I could get my money’s worth out of them. As time went on though, finishing my games became less and less important. Either I didn’t have time to play and finishing a game would meant sticking to it for a good long while, or some highly anticipated game would get released.

The result: I’d move from game to game pretty often, sometimes from old to new and sometimes from new to old. Gaming is my hobby after all; it wouldn’t be fun if I had to play something I didn’t really feel like playing at the time. Still, I don’t really like this change. If I finished more games, maybe they’d have more of an impact and I’d remember them more fondly. How to stop this dynamic though? I should be able to just stop and make a rule for myself, but it just hasn’t been that easy.

This is why the PS5 being hard to get might actually work in my favor. With it being so limited, I’d first have to go out of my way to buy it, and I’d have to spend a lot of money on the console and all the little extras that come with new hardware (games, extra controller, etc.). I can afford it, but it still wouldn’t exactly be good to drop that kind of money at the moment. I’ve got other things that I want to use that money for, so having the temptation removed helps quite a lot.

This leaves me with no choice but to focus on the games I already have. Will it be enough to pull me back towards finishing games more often then not? I’m not sure. I kind of hope so, but then I don’t necessarily want to be spending tons of time on games anymore anyway. I dunno…guess we’ll see, right?

Do you have this kind of problem? Will you be getting a PS5/Xbox Series X as soon as you possibly can, or are you planning on waiting too?

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