Resonance: The Abyss

One of my all-time favorite video game series has always been Rayman.  The games are seriously some of the most creative and unique out there, from the lush and intricately detailed locations, bizarre creatures, and amazing soundtrack.  I have actually already discussed the series’ soundtrack twice before (you can find the links at the bottom of this post), and today, I have yet another song that resonated with me, The Abyss from Rayman Origins.

I absolutely adore the soundtracks for Rayman Origins and Legends.  They are super different and can sometimes even be downright silly, with gibberish vocals, whistling, and even a track in Legends that sounds like a couple of dudes making frog noises.  Now, even though the Rayman games can be pretty goofy, the soundtrack included, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some songs that give me the creeps.

Video from YouTube User: VGMKingdom

Rayman Origins’ water levels start off bright and cheery.  The music is happy, and the water is lit by the sunlight above.  But when you begin to swim deeper into steadily darkening waters and those few high piano notes begin to play, you understand immediately that the carefree tone of earlier is about to change drastically.  Those simple notes continue for a minute before another repeating tune joins in, one that can’t help but make me think of the muffled, bubbly sound of having water in your ears when you’re swimming in a pool.  It’s almost…claustrophobic the way it continues without ceasing, and that’s exactly what these levels have become.

It’s dark…so dark.  You can’t see more than a short distance in all directions, but you do catch a glimpse of something out there…more than one of them in fact.  Clawed hands attached to spindly arms reach for you, your decreasing orb of light the only thing keeping them at bay.  This would be creepy enough on its own if not accompanied by some decidedly ominous music.  The Abyss is one of many tracks that shows Ubisoft’s mastery over music and proves that the Rayman series, though oftentimes silly, is a lot more than it may appear on the surface.  Just as the sunny Sea of Serendipity hides something more lurking deep within its depths….

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