Resonance: Dark Creature Pursuit

Screenshot by Flickr User: PSMANIA
Screenshot by Flickr User: PSMANIA

Video from Youtube User: Soniman001

One game I recently had the pleasure of playing was “Rayman Legends”, a wonderful game that contains some of the best video game music I have ever heard.  But, as I believe I have said before (and if I hadn’t, now you know), a song has to be more than just good to resonate with me.  There are songs that are just nice to listen to, and there are songs that do so much more.  There are songs that make me feel emotions, like fear or joy or sadness.  And there was only one song, in this game filled with great music, that really did that, and it is “Dark Creature Pursuit”.

This song plays in several areas where you are chased by hoards of these vicious, little monsters.  These things are nasty, and the way they snarl and try their darnedest to clamber up over ledges to try and get at you, you just know they are ravenous…for your blood.  They are scary enough on their own, and it doesn’t help that there are some pretty stressful sequences of being chased by these horrible beasties, sometimes for fairly long stretches of time, too, but it is the music that sends this already frightening experience over the top.

When the music first begins, it’s largely quiet at first…and then it gets right into terrifying!  I’m serious.  Just listening to this music in order to write a post about it (I put myself through such ordeals for you guys, you know) was frightening.  The music alone was enough to make my heartbeat pick up and make me feel some very real stress.  The song on its own made me want to just start running.  I mean it, it…it just…

Just…phew…deep breaths…just…give me a moment…need stress ball…

Okay, okay, I’m back.  As I was saying, this music, just on its own, is scary, and then when you’re listening to it while a pack of bloodthirsty monsters are chasing you, it’s just…  There is just real fear involved in these levels, especially when it’s coupled with this fast music, repeating like the rapid drumbeat of your own heart as you run for your life, oh my gosh, they’re getting closer, what do I do?!  If this music doesn’t spell FEAR in big capital letters for you, I don’t know what does!  And that’s why, as I sit here trying to catch my breath, this song really resonates with me.

Duck Creature Pursuit, Which is Much Less Stressful, as Long as You Have Plenty of Breadcrumbs…


  1. cary says:

    Oh man, I love this! Makes me want to play the game even more. Now where’s my machine that can stop time…


    1. duckofindeed says:

      This game was just filled with so much goodness, including one of the best soundtracks of all time. I would highly recommend getting it when you can. It’s so great.


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