Ghost of Tsushima is Still Looking Sharp

Sucker Punch’s next big game is out in just a couple of days and we’ve thus gotten one last trailer to keep the hype going until Ghost of Tsushima finally crosses the proverbial finish line to release. I honestly haven’t been following the game all that closely of the past couple of years, but I’ve found myself impressed every time it’s popped-up on my radar. Now that we’re so close to release, I’m glad to see that it’s still looking impressive.

videos from YouTube channel: PlayStation

Ghost of Tsushima follows a once-defeated samurai as he transforms himself into a different kind of warrior, one capable of driving the Mongols off of the besieged island of Tsushima. It looks very much like an open-world style game, but there also appears to be a very strong story here too, so my confidence in it is pretty high. I love Sucker Punch and have thoroughly enjoyed all their games over the years, even the relatively weak Infamous: Second Son, so I’m definitely looking forward to this just for that reason. Even so, I think I’ll be waiting to see how the game actually plays before actually pulling the trigger on it. It looks awesome; I want it, but I need to wait all the same. Here’s hoping the real thing is as good as what we’re seeing in this trailer.

Are you excited for Ghost of Tsushima? Do you have concerns? What do you think of this game?

Lede image is official promotional key art.