Resonance: Twin Demons

Okami is one of my favorite games of all time thanks to its unique art style, gameplay, and an amazing soundtrack that includes several of my favorite songs of all time.  In the past, I had discussed Wawku Shrine in the snowy land of Kamui.  It is here that Ammy encounters some of her toughest challenges before inevitably having to defeat the twin demons themselves, the clockwork owls Lechku and Nechku.

Easily my favorite song from the whole game, this song is far more frantic than Wawku Shrine, but it retains my favorite quality, the inclusion of sounds that directly relate to what’s happening in the game.  Several times during this song, including right at the start, you hear the winding of gears, not unlike the gears controlling the movements of the clockwork owls themselves.  After the gears wind one more time a minute in, the song temporarily takes on a more melancholy tone, as if to remind you of all the people who will perish in the blizzard if you fail at your task.

Video from Youtube User: gmaster2647

This song is a beautifully composed masterpiece, and I can’t help but feel the same desperation of my original battle against the twin demons every time I listen to it.  The magic of Okami will never be quite the same as it was on my first playthrough; that’s just the way things are.  But it’s good to know that one can relive these feelings, if only for a moment, through the power of music.

Also, who would have thought that dapper mechanical owls would be so darn cool?

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Image from Flickr User: Hallion