Resonance: Wawku Shrine

We’ve already written about the Okami soundtrack three times in the past because it’s just that good.  Today we’ll be discussing one of my absolute favorite songs of all time, Wawku Shrine.  This is the shrine where resides the Twin Demons, two clockwork owls called Lechku and Nechku.  Being one of the final locations in the game, it stands to reason that this is where Ammy will encounter some of her most challenging trials yet.

The opening to this song is as sinister as the owls themselves, with the ominous mechanical marching beat in the background that makes one think of a ticking clock.  About a minute, the song picks up, hinting at the dangers hiding in the shrine’s depths.  There’s also an added element to the song, almost a breathy windiness, that adds to the chill of this snowy location.

Video from Youtube User: gmaster2647

I absolutely love unique music like this that adds elements of the environment or the story to the song.  That is why my favorite part of this particular track is that mechanical, clock-like ticking in the background, hinting at the identity of the Twin Demons themselves.  Having now played the game twice, I have no idea whether or not there is any indication that you’ll be fighting clockwork owls before you actually encounter them.  (Probably not?)  So that’s why I give this song extra points for this subtle hint to those who don’t yet know what lies in store for them.  It’s absolutely beautiful!

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