Super Mario Maker 2 Adds World Maker!

Super Mario Maker 2 was already pretty fun when it launched back in June 2019, but Nintendo has been doing its best to make sure that the fun has kept going over these past few months. They added a big update in December which added plenty of new maker parts for players to mess around with as well as a cool Link power-up to shake up level designs. Well, another big update has hit the game, and it looks like Nintendo has saved the best for last!

With this last update Nintendo has added a ton of new power-ups and maker parts to spice up the game. Makers are sure to take the Super Mario Bros. 2 Mushroom and really run with it’s unique set of powers. Meanwhile, all the Koopalings are sure to make dungeon levels a lot more interesting. The biggest extra this time around though is “World Mode” which I think finally allows Mario fans to do what they’ve wanted to all along: make their own mini Mario games! Courses can finally be kept to themes and strung together instead of just floating out there in the great cloud of levels! This is going to be big, just wait!

Are you still enjoying Super Mario Maker 2? Think you’ll take on World Maker now that all this extra stuff has been added?

Image from Nintendo Store page

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  1. darthtimon says:

    I’m already thoroughly enjoying this new mode – have yet to tinker with adding Kooplings etc to courses, but that’s on the list!


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