Tetris 99 Visits Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo’s been running monthly competitions in Tetris 99 ever since it launched last year. These competitions are all iterations of the “Maximus Cup,” and the 13th Cup is right around the corner. Each competition functions as a cross-promotion for Nintendo’s other games, and this time it’s Animal Crossing that’s on-deck!

Starting on May 15th and running through May 18th, Animal Crossing fans can hop on Tetris 99 and earn themselves a special Animal Crossing theme for the game! It’s just a matter of earning 100 event points, which are awarded based on how you place in online games during the event period. The higher you place in a game, the more points you earn. So, getting that Animal Crossing theme is definitely doable for the fan with at least a little determination in them.

Are you going to log on for the 13th Maximus Cup? Are you already a fan of Tetris 99 or do you find it kind of intimidating?

Lede Image from Nintendo official website