Listmas 2019: The Duck’s 6 Favorite Mini Games

For our final week of Listmas 2019, we decided to write about anything we felt like.  Ironically enough, the Duck usually doesn’t enjoy mini games.  In fact, I often resent it when a game makes me play them in order to progress or to obtain an item I need for 100%.  However, having recently enjoyed a particular mini game in Link’s Awakening, I decided that I would list a selection of mini games, or mini game-like activities, that I actually really enjoyed.  In no particular order…

Trendy Game: Yes, this is the game that inspired the creation of this list.  This is a crane game in Link’s Awakening.  I recently played the Switch version of the game and was surprised at how much I loved this simple, little mini game.  Your goal is to situate the crane over an item in order to pick it up and bring it back to you.  I actually got really good at this game, but every once in a while, like a real crane game, an item will slip out of the crane’s grip as it’s trying to lift it…or it will even drop the item halfway to you!  Instead of being annoying, this actually made the game that much more fun because it was reminiscent of the real-life game that inspired it!

Chao Racing and Chao Karate: When I first played Sonic Adventure 2, I spent countless hours raising my Chao, giving them affection, increasing their stats…  And the practical reason for doing this is to enter them in two categories of competitions, racing and karate.  Though leveling up your Chao is a far too time consuming endeavor for my limited schedule these days, it certainly was satisfying back in the day when I made Chao that were so powerful, they completely destroyed the competition.  One Chao, named Nayru, could run so fast in races and knock most Chao off the arena in one hit.  It was pretty great to watch one’s hard work pay off so tremendously!

Dancing Like a Pirate: In Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, there was this little challenge where you would wear a pirate disguise and dance along with the other space pirates in order to get through certain doors.  Your own pirate persona was so tiny and strangely cute, and the whole experience was so goofy, that I can’t help but look forward to it every time I play the game.

Murray Dances like a Geisha: Apparently I enjoy mini games that involve silly dancing because I loved this part in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.  Murray has to disguise himself as Madame Geisha and dance on stage.  In order to make him dance well, you must press the buttons on screen with the right timing.  The only bad thing about this mini game was the fact that I was so focused on pressing the right buttons, I missed much of Murray’s dancing!

Triple Triad: Again, being a kind of person who generally hates mini games, I was surprised by just how much fun the Triple Triad card game is in Final Fantasy VIII.  You can capture enemies for cards and win stronger cards from opponents that you beat, and frankly, it’s really addicting to spend the entire game slowly gaining a stronger and stronger deck.  And in different regions of the world, the rules change, adding an extra layer of challenge that forces you to switch up your strategy.

Breegul Blaster Multiplayer in Banjo-Tooie: In Banjo-Tooie, you can play a selection of mini games with 2-4 players.  And one of my absolute favorite things to do back in the day was to play the Breegul Blaster multiplayer with my dad.  I knew my way around Targitzan’s Temple really well and knew about all sorts of shortcuts, making it so much fun to hunt down my opponent.  Sometimes, I would even hunker down inside a secret hallway and chase him down with Clockwork Kazooie eggs, while I myself remained impossible to find.  Oh, the fun we had!

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  1. Hannie says:

    I don’t typically enjoy minigames that much in video games, but I do remember absolutely adoring the dancing monkey minigame in Ape Escape 2 because it reminded me of Dance Dance Revolution.

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