Top 5 Best Floors in Luigi’s Mansion 3

As I played through Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the very first time, one of my favorite parts of the game was the sheer anticipation of discovering the theme for each new floor.  The Last Resort is no ordinary hotel (haunted or otherwise), as its many floors contain some pretty cool surprises.  Being one of the game’s most enjoyable features, I thought it would be fun to list the top 5 best floors in the hotel.  (Keep in mind that, if you haven’t already played the game, I would recommend sitting this one out.  This game is much more fun if it’s spoiler-free, which includes the theme of each of the hotel’s 17 floors.)

5: Castle MacFrights – 6F

Castle MacFrights was the first truly surprising level of The Last Resort, with all the floors prior being what you’d typically expect to find in a hotel.  A lobby, a restaurant, shops, and of course, hotel rooms.  And then Luigi steps out of the elevator into a medieval castle of sorts, where I stopped in my tracks and asked the only logical question, “What the heck is this?!”

The castle has a linear progression of rooms filled with deadly traps that must be solved with the help of Gooigi, who can survive the spikes and barrage of arrows in a manner that only a gelatinous doppelganger can.  The highlight for me was the dungeon where Luigi gets trapped between two spiked walls, and Gooigi must save him before they crush our poor green-garbed plumber with their deadly embrace.

4: The Spectral Catch – 12F

The Spectral Catch is a very short level, but it’s pirate-themed.  That’s why it’s on my list.  Because pirates are cool.  The place starts out with some kind of nautical-themed lobby, and after using your newly-acquired Super Suction to wreck the place, you enter this cool pirate-y cave, complete with waterfalls and a big skull at the end guarding another door.  And what’s through this door?  A huge room containing a miniature ocean, complete with some small, sandy islands and a pirate ship, which also happens to be the location of one of the coolest boss fights of the game.

3: Twisted Suites – 11F

This floor of The Last Resort is themed around magic tricks, so it has some interesting illusions and the like.  One notable example of a classic magic trick is the infamous box used to saw a person in half, and if you use your vacuum on the saw, you can cut the box in half and reveal two golden ghosts.  It’s just a really fun and entertaining place to explore.

What I also really enjoyed was the layout.  Some floors in this game are pretty linear, with minimal exploration required.  This level has a maze of rooms all interconnecting each other, which is a lot more fun to explore and gave me some serious nostalgia for the original Luigi’s Mansion on the GameCube.

2: Tomb Suites – 10F

Like The Spectral Catch, this floor is impressive, but unlike The Spectral Catch, this floor came first, giving it an advantage in terms of sheer awe factor.  There is one room in particular that made me gasp in surprise, a massive room made to look like a desert at night, with a thick layer of sand covering the ground, a pyramid in the middle, and even a little oasis that turns out to be made of cardboard (a mirage if I ever saw one!).  This is the first truly impressive floor of the hotel, and this room was a sight to behold.

As expected for an Egyptian tomb-themed floor, this place is home to some really sinister traps.  After encountering the floor’s resident boss ghost napping in a sarcophagus, Luigi is dropped into a lower chamber with three rooms, each of which contains a puzzle.  And each puzzle must be solved within the time limit, or else…Luigi will die…either by having the ceiling collapse on top of him…or by the slowly lowering spiked ceiling…or by the poisonous gas filling the air.

Yikes, and I thought Mario games were family-friendly!

For each puzzle, I was seriously panicked as I tried to solve them before Luigi met his untimely demise.  Kind of ironic that the most stressful location in the game is also #2 on this list, but there you have it.

1: Paranormal Productions – 8F

While not the most stunning floor in terms of appearance, Paranormal Productions is home to several notable features.  Some really creative puzzles.  A really fun boss fight.  And the only nice ghost in the whole hotel.  Starting with the puzzles, this floor has four movie sets, complete with some physical scenery and a blue screen.  Look into the camera, and the scene comes alive.  Solving the puzzles on this floor revolves around having Luigi control the camera, while Gooigi explores the various movie scenes.  It’s such a creative and unique concept that this floor honestly deserves first place thanks to this premise alone.

But that’s not all.  Once you solve the floor’s puzzles, you obtain the megaphone that Morty the Director lost.  Oh yeah, Morty…he’s the only good ghost in the game, and he has no interest in harming Luigi, only in making him the star of his newest movie.  Which brings me to the boss fight, in which Luigi fights a ghost wearing a Godzilla-esque costume in a miniature city!  Easily one of the most memorable moments in the whole game!

After that, Morty gives you the elevator button, with no need to fight him.  It is possible to capture him if you so choose…and I did, but I did feel pretty guilty afterward….

What was your favorite floor of The Last Resort, dear readers?  Also, did you capture Morty the Director or leave him be?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I agree with your top picks though I personally would put Floor 10 as my number one choice! I’m a sucker for Egyptian themes in video games though. The way Floor 8 was like one big puzzle was amazing. Super creative. Those two floors are really close for me. The Pirate ship boss was my favorite boss fight, but I do wish we had gotten to explore the pirate ship before fighting him! That would have been really cool!

    Great list. Also I totally captured the director. Did feel kind of bad, but liked seeing all the ghosts in my collection in the lab when I looked… haha.

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      That Egyptian-themed level was indeed pretty awesome. It was the first floor of the hotel that really wowed me. Paranormal Productions won thanks to its creative puzzles, but the Tomb Suites is visually stunning, and those timed puzzles were so stressful!

      Though I agree that it was super disappointing that we didn’t get to explore the pirate ship. I love anything pirate-themed, and that floor would have ranked much higher if there had been more to see and explore.

      Next week, I have a list of top bosses in the game. The pirate ship boss definitely makes the list….


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